How Dhouti Yog Churna Cures Almost All Lifestyle Diseases

The Ancient Way

The vedic texts divided our 24-hour days into 8 hours of work, 8 hours of pleasure and finally 8 hours for rest. The 8 hours of work, thus, meant creatively engaging the body as well as the mind to remain active. However, in the modern day, the 8 work hours are spent by most people sitting on a comfortable chair and staring at screens. This has understandably caused a myriad of new aliments to spring up into the human spectrum of diseases, which were never there before. Causes behind a lot of today’s common diseases can be boiled down to having a sedentary lifestyle bad eating habits. Some of us would still call it a bargain, but our daily lifestyle does ultimately affect our whole life.

Is modern life falling apart?

Just as ancient wisdom tells us the why’s of our modern-day miseries, so does it tell about the solutions. We can implement those solutions to right those wrongs. There is no other reason that Ayurveda is becoming more and more relevant in providing solutions to rising number of aliments and problems that millions of people are facing today. If we go by the fundamental principles of Ayurvedic knowledge, all disease, whether physical or mental, is rooted in an imbalance of livelihood. This is a straightforward indicator towards the connection between diets and physical activity and modern-day illnesses.

Ayurvedic Cure

Ayurvedic solutions are the most natural and simple preparations of seeds and herbs. By their nature, they have almost zero side-effects and they go harmoniously well with our body’s biochemistry. Dhouti-Yog borrows from these principles to create medicines that focus on nullifying the effect of bad lifestyle on our health. It is a one-stop solution created with great care that fixes up your digestive system. As a result, almost 80% of the illnesses caused by your eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are ultimately cured.

Dhouti-Yog Churna and Tablets function as a catalyst that aid our digestive system. Once our digestive processes are in place, the body’s natural self-curing mechanism kicks back into place. With all the Dosha’s normalized, Dhouti-Yog allows the body to experience the most natural feeling well-being.