Home remedies for heartburn

Catering to a busy schedule, and often in greed of unhealthy food, we fail to maintain a much-needed balanced and healthy diet. Consequently, our health pays the price. Heartburn, often caused by unhealthy eating, is a condition which causes a burning sensation in your throat and stomach. It is often painful. When the acids inside the stomach retreat to the esophagus, it causes a burning sensation, or as medically addressed, heartburn. If ignored, heartburns can permanently damage the esophagus.


Heartburn is primarily caused by unhealthy food habits. Regular intake of foods saturated in fat, calories, salt, and sugar majorly leads to heartburns. Additionally, excessive food intake or having dinner right before bedtime on a regular basis also trigger heartburn.


Taking resort of home remedies for heartburn is the simplest and most efficient way of curing it.  Dhouti-Yog Churna uses completely natural and herbal ingredients and is thus an efficient home remedy for heartburn. Made with a combination of classic key ingredients which have been in use for heartburn and other gastric troubles since the ancient times, the powder cures heartburn completely.

Dhouti-Yog Churna comprises of 3 main ingredients which are known to cure heartburn


Senna leaves or Sonamukhi works as a cleanser for the large intestine. The herb flushes all the toxins and other waste out of the large intestine without causing any stress. An Ayurvedic herb used to treat constipation, Senna leaves are used all over the world due to their healing capabilities. Dhouti-Yog uses Senna leaves cultivated in Tamil Nadu, which are the best in quality terms.


An elixir of life, Haritaki revitalizes your health and fills you with energy. It also strengthens your digestive system. It helps in easy passage of fecal waste out of the body and hence proves to be a beneficial remedy for heartburn. Dhouti-Yog uses the best and the most expensive quality of Haritaki, found in the Pune district.


A salt found in the mountains of Afghanistan, Saindhav helps in evacuation of bowels without any stress on the digestive system. It is also proven to be a useful Ayurvedic home remedy for heartburn.

Dhouti-Yog Churna for heartburn remedy

Made with herbal medicinal plants which hold the potential to permanently cure heartburn, Dhouti-Yog Churna can also be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. By simply consuming 1tsp of this ayurvedic powder every night with warm water, you can cure heartburn and other related gastric troubles. A single solution to multiple problems without any side effects- this is a wonder exclusive to home remedies!