How Churna Cures Constipation

As you may already know, that Constipation is a consequence of the Vata Dosha. The treatment of all Vata-related disorders is the introduction of oily warm elements. Such elements, either in food or activity, basically need to nullify the drying and immobility-inducing properties of Vata Dosha.


A very common method that has been in use since ages in India is the range of Ayurvedic preparations often collectively known as Churna. Churna have many types. Their purposes ranging from treatment of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas separately.
Since Churna mixtures, like all other Ayurvedic medicines, are made from ingredients which are completely natural, there is zero chance of any side effects with them. Unlike few other alternative methods for treating constipation, Ayurvedic Churna addresses the discomfort from the very root. It doesn’t treat the problem symptomatically.

swallowing a cotton cloth down the throat was the way In the ancient days to clean the gut. For many, this practice would seem weird and outrageous. Hence, Dhouti Yog has implemented the same fundamental principle and introduced an oral intake substitute – Dhouti-Yog Churna and Dhouti-Yog Tablets.
But how do they work and what do they exactly do in out digestive tract?

How Does It Work

Fundamentally, powdered Churna is involved in the process of absorbing water. As a part of the digested food, it absorbs as much water as it can hold. It then becomes swelled and softer. As a result, the movement of the digested food through the Gastro-Intestinal tract becomes easy and fluid. Churna mainly does a similar job to that of insoluble fibres which are naturally found, as we know, in beet roots, corn and sweet potatoes. But because Churna is usually taken as a powdered form (along with warm water), it is more efficient than at absorbing water than fibres due to its multiplied surface absorbency.

The main constituents that Vata Churna consists of are Cumin, Turmeric, Ginger, Fenugreek and Sea Salt. These herbs allow the body’s vital energy to become calm and grounded. As we know, we can also use these ingredients in soups, while cooking vegetables and on rice to have essentially the same effect with lesser intensity.