Home remedies for heartburn

Catering to a busy schedule, and often in greed of unhealthy food, we fail to maintain a much-needed balanced and healthy diet. Consequently, our health pays the price. Heartburn, often caused by unhealthy eating, is a condition which causes a burning sensation in your throat and stomach. It is often painful. When the acids inside […]

Misconceptions about Constipation

Myths and superstitions are the fundamental backbones of the cultures all over the world. The culture of Science may seem immune to all these baseless beliefs, but even after having its grounds based in reason and logic, it is not without some unfounded nuances of its own.As unusual as it may sound, there happen to […]

How Churna Cures Constipation

As you may already know, that Constipation is a consequence of the Vata Dosha. The treatment of all Vata-related disorders is the introduction of oily warm elements. Such elements, either in food or activity, basically need to nullify the drying and immobility-inducing properties of Vata Dosha. Churna A very common method that has been in […]

Ayurvedic Perspective on Constipation

As There’s a lot of lifestyle diseases prevalent in today’s fast paced world. Our lives have become so busy. We can’t spare even the minimum amount of time looking after our health. One of the most common consequences of this living pattern is the increasing number of constipation cases. Constipation Constipation, as we know, is […]